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Pipe And Drape Project

3mX6m Pipe And Drape Frame

3mX6m Pipe And Drape Frame For Wedding Backdrop

  • Wholesale 3mX6m Pipe And Drape Frame

    Product component:

    2- adjustable crossbars
    3- adjustable uprights
    3- base plate with pin

    6m wide Aluminum Pipe and Drape support system / Wedding Event backdrop — 3m max height

    Package consists of:
    3x adjustable uprights — minimum height 1.8m — maximum height 3m — anodized Silver
    2x adjustable crossbar (horizontal)- minimum width 1.8 — maximum width 3m — anodized Silver
    3x Steel base plate with spigot — dimensions 500x500x8mm 
    Contact us for a customized quote including multi-sided drape stands.

    TFR pipe and drape system is extremely mobile, lightweight and simple to set up. Ideal for mobile/stage backdrops, and enclosing preparing areas.

    Lightweight aluminum adjustable uprights quickly adjust to any height from 1.8-3m, and come per fitted with a steel slotted top hat so up to four horizontal crossbars can be attached to each upright

    Lightweight aluminum crossbar which is usually adjustable from 1.8-3m and comes with steel hooked ends which slot into the top hat
    Heavy duty steels base plate
    A base plate spigot is required for the vertical upright to be secured to be able to the base plate
    Extra sections can be added to cover wider areas
    Applications: Trade Show Booth, Theatrical Drapes, Installing of Drapes in all Media related environments, Schools, Theaters, Conferences, Exhibitions and Rock and Roll.wholesale pipe and drape frame
      Wholesale 3mX6m Pipe And Drape Frame
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